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The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment provides protection to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; without the Second Amendment there is no safe guard. The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were saying, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” – the government has no right to take away our right to firearms. The Second Amendment was designed to allow people to protect themselves from their government, not to allow them to hunt. 

We need an honest discussion about mental health issues not taking away rights. How do we get assistance to the people who are struggling with mental health issues? It is a difficult discussion, but it is the discussion that needs to happen.

Bold leadership can always be documented in the votes you cast. It’s easy to say you stand for the Second Amendment.  When the going get’s tough, I am willing to be vocal and vote.  I have proven my position both in actions and words. 

"I've always supported repealing the concealed-carry ban," Lucero said. "I've always thought it was unconstitutional.” I followed-up that statement with action!

Read the article Clock ticking for CU to take gun ban to Supreme Court from the Boulder Daily Camera.


If you’re like most Coloradoan’s your health care costs have sky rocketed since Obamacare became law. Unfortunately healthcare costs are spiraling out of control in our personal lives, but more importantly healthcare costs are causing the greatest pressure on the states budget. Health and Human services account for 41% of the states budget. With Medicaid costs under Obamacare being shifted to the states the pressure on the budget will continue. 

We need to find ways to introduce personal responsibility and incentives into health care. Only when people take ownership and oversight of their healthcare will costs begin to slow.

If there is one issue that should unite all Republicans this election it is Amendment 69.  As defenders of limited government, we have tantamount responsibility to say NO to Amendment 69.  

Moving Colorado to a single payer system will destroy our economy, and will bring a flood of new people to the state wanting free health care.  If the government tells you something will cost $25 billon, then hold onto your wallet.

Read the article TAXING PROPOSITION: Amendment 69, or Universal Health Care, Makes Colorado Ballot from Colorado Peak Politics.


One of the transformative issues of our day is security. Unfortunately the president has created a culture where Radical Islamic Terrorists feel they can operate on American soil. While we cannot trust the federal government to protect our families, we must protect our own communities. When we’re strong we are safe.  An armed citizen is a safe citizen.

Taxes & Tabor

TABOR, the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, was added to Colorado's Constitution to protect taxpayer rights.  In the current political climate, TABOR has become controversial.  The controversy is simply because it makes it harder for lawmakers to spend taxpayer money.  As taxes are collected and budgets are created, TABOR serves as an important reminder to lawmakers that the money they spend belonged first to you, the citizens of Colorado.  TABOR should be protected as an important accountability measure within the State Legislature. 

In Colorado, we should maintain tax rates that are attractive to new businesses so that we continue to enjoy robust growth and job creation.  We need to ensure that creating our budget is part of an informed process that protects the sovereignty of our state and minimizes Federal money that has too many strings attached.