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Meet Tom

Tom is just like every American who has had to struggle in life; he certainly understands the everyday difficulties residents in Loveland experience. His shared experiences have him uniquely positioned to lead at the Legislature.

Tom was raised in Denver by his widowed mother Sally - tragedy struck early when Sally’s husband, Tom’s father was murdered. Sally dropped out of college to start earning a living. She went to cosmetology school to learn a trade because she had bills to pay and a son to raise. She dropped out of college because life is often cruel, but she turned to friends and family for support and help, not the government.

Sally’s example is what prepared Tom for life. Tom has been able to handle the knockdowns from life because of the example from his mother. Thankfully, Tom’s knockdowns do not touch the levels of his mother, which serves to remind us we can do anything we want as long as we continue to persevere

Tom has been a businessman, entrepreneur and community activist in northern Colorado for over 21 years. He has owned restaurants and several software companies. He has volunteered for a number of non-profits, including the United Way, Saint John the Evangelist, Loveland and Berthoud Chamber’s of Commerce, including Miss Loveland Valentine.  Currently he is serving on Loveland Heart Safe City Campaign raising money for CPR training and the placement of automated external defibulators (AED) throughout the Loveland. To date over 500 people have been trained in CPR and 35 AED’s have been placed (click here to watch video).

All three of Tom’s children, Victoria, Joseph and Tommy have attended school in the Thompson School District. Victoria is attending Front Range Community College and selling insurance for All State. Joseph is a senior at Thompson Valley and hoping to continue his baseball career in college and beyond. Tommy is a junior at Thompson Valley and looking forward to his senior year. 

Tom has spent his entire adult life involved in Republican politics. It started in college when he interned with the Independence Institute. The lessons of limited government and personal responsibility Tom learned from that internship served as he continued in politics. Tom worked for Bruce Benson’s campaign for governor in 1994, Bob Schaffer for Congress in 1996 and then his own successful campaign for the University of Colorado Board of Regents in 1998. 

For twelve years on the Board of Regents Tom fought to strengthen the core curriculum to better reflect on Western Civilization values – Tom stood to stop the indoctrination taking place on college campuses. He also fought to stop the run away costs of higher education. And he helped lead the fight to fire Ward Churchill. 

Volunteered for: United Way, Loveland Chamber and Berthoud Chamber, Loveland Miss Valentine, Loveland Heart Safe City

Tom's Vision

I want to take a minute to share my vision for Loveland and the state of Colorado with you.  You can only understand that vision if you know something about me first.

In 1993, when our family was looking for places to live, we could have chosen to live anywhere in Colorado. We chose Loveland. We spent the early years raising our family here because we fell in love with the people and spirit of Loveland. While necessity may have compelled us to move to a different town, we have always remained in northern Colorado.  We kept our children in school in the Thompson District and continued to participate in the life of the community here, such as attending St. Johns. I tend to think you look where a family sends their kids to school and attends church to define their home and the values they hold dear.


We have serious issues facing the Loveland, northern Colorado and the state. These serious issues require a serious leader: someone who has dealt with big budgets, fought political battles in hostile environments and has a proven history as a leader who successfully defends conservative values.


Some of my accomplishments as University of Colorado Regent:


  • Created the Center for Western Civilization, and funded
  • Helped lead the fight to allow for concealed carry on campus
  • Successfully defended against the ACLU and coaches praying
  • Predicted the shortcomings of and successfully stopped a misguided expansion of athletics building
  • Fought out of control tuition and budgets, saving taxpayers $50 million in $2 billon budget
  • Laid the groundwork for chair in conservative thought
  • Kept the University from buying out Ward Churchill, leading to his firing
  • Hired two Republican presidents, Hank Brown and Bruce Benson
  • Stopped the University from bringing a known PLO terrorist to campus
  • Acted as liaison to the Anschutz redevelopment project
  • Successfully implemented policies to stop grade inflation
  • Implemented public comment and transparency that exceeded every government standard in Colorado (not sure what this means, but maybe delegates do).


I am also proud of my time as chair of the Larimer GOP.  When I was asked to be Chairman, the Party had over $40,000 of debt as the result of theft of funds by the prior chairman.  I rolled up my sleeves and raised the money to get the Party out of debt.


Because of our son’s cardiac incident, I have helped the Loveland Heart Safe City campaign raise over $500,000.  We have trained more than 600 people in CPR, as well as placed close to 100 AED’s in our community.  I have also helped the American Heart Association raise over $1 million and successfully fought for changes to CPR training at the Colorado legislature.


My business partner and I have been members of the Loveland Chamber for years.  We have been active members and participants because the Loveland Chamber is our family.


My vision for Loveland and Colorado reflects our Loveland values: get BIG GOVERNMENT out of our lives, TRUST Colorado citizens to lead their own lives!


We have serious issues facing northern Colorado and the state:  entitlement funding is consuming 40% of the state budget, I-25 in northern Colorado needs to be fixed, health care needs to be fixed, and security in this time of national peril needs to be fortified.


We need someone at the Capitol who will fight for our values!